The Purpose of Life

Hello followers, all zero of you.

In case you clicked on this post for the real answer to the purpose of life, I am sorry for disillusioning the masses. This post is set up specifically to explain the purpose of my life … or my blog, rather.

I am a student at Purdue and aside from my job of going to class and (pretending to be) paying attention, I also work full time finding the big shows and small profiles all over campus and reporting them.

Essentially, this has spurred me to create this blog. Chatter can be annoying to sift though, so I’ve decided to dig out the best nuggets of information and give them to the rest of you. Here, I will let you in on what campus is talking about week by week. Maybe it is a big show that will be in Elliott Hall of Music. Or maybe it is flying kittens in space on YouTube.

Whatever the case, I will act in the line of duty to bring it all to you. I hope you to entertain as well as inform. If at any point one of these goals exceeds another, I will do my best to realign the scales. And you never know: maybe you will find the purpose of your life here. (But I really hope kittens are not the purpose of your life, for both of our sakes.)

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