A comedian walks into a newsroom

How are the news and Saturday Night Live (SNL) alike? They both have people that talk to the camera and that is generally where their similarities end.

But no longer! Monday, Jimmy Fallon took over the position as host of “The Tonight Show,” a space formerly held by Mr. Chin himself, Jay Leno. Soon to come to the cast of late night hosts, come Feb. 24 is Seth Myers, best known for his long-time role of news anchor in the SNL skit “Weekend Update.”

Need a refresher? Here you go:

After Myers’ debut, the two former members of SNL will join the ranks of other late-night TV hosts including David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. So to answer my previous question, now, news is just like SNL. We get all the information and all the humor in one convenient place. Still, some people are worried that Fallon and Myers’ goofy antics are going to get in the way of actual news reporting and personal interviews.

To this argument, I turn to the best clip I have ever seen by Jimmy Fallon featuring the president of our own United States.

Now why can’t more news be this way? Is it really such a bad thing? If you are old fashioned, go to CNN or Newsweek or CBS for your news. Everyone is entitled to their own viewing preferences. And I understand, late night TV isn’t hard-hitting news, but it does serve its function to inform and entertain.

I leave my apartment each day early in the morning and I don’t return until late at night. I am one of those people who wants to know what is happening in the world but I also seek entertainment. I don’t want to flip between boring local news anchor and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

So kudos to the news networks that solve my problem by giving me what may be the greatest gift to mankind since I don’t know when. So many of my peers are debating whether or not Fallon and Myers will boost ratings that have consistently decreased in the past years.

To this, I counter: SNL every five years or so seems to be under scrutiny that they are losing relevance or too many key members. What everyone seems to forget is that they foster new talent and through this, networks see a rise again in overall viewership.

Fallon and Myers bleed the same blood as SNL greats before them (Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Andy Sandberg … need I continue?) and their fresh take on late night will likely bring ratings back up. It is then that everyone will wonder: what were we worried about again?

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