The Bayou; entertaining fans of “basement pop”

Saturday night, The Bayou, a small concert venue at 456 Maple St., hosted Broken Light and Faux Paw, both local bands.

Songs ranged from upbeat pop to chill alternative songs showing the extreme variety in the talent. The venue itself was slightly intimidating from the exterior, appearing like any other house on the street. However, The Bayou brings to the table a new kind of concert: one that relies solely on sound and feeling.

Audience members could reach out and touch the performers, giving a very intimate feeling to the basement space. Additionally, decorations didn’t adorn the cement walls and only brightly colored lights accented the dim lighting on the stage of the bands. I attempted to capture the feeling of the grungy dimness in the photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the bands, click below to stream their albums.

Broken Light

Faux Paw

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