Taco Bell is asking you to marry them

The restaurant chain got down on one knee and proposed to you the minute it announced today that it would be serving breakfast.

All you have to say is yes.

According to the report, the announcement came just hours after McDonalds told the public it would be extending its breakfast hours. I’m sorry, M-Dons. We go way back. But telling me that you will be serving breakfast just for an additional hour does not compare to possibility of getting a Crunchwrap Supreme and a Waffle Taco simultaneously. You can’t beat that level of happiness.

This Waffle Taco though … you have to see to believe.


Filled with scrambled eggs and savory sausage nestled in a warm cocoon of waffle heaven, the makers of this soon-to-be legend did the unthinkable and smothered it in syrup.

It is not likely that West Lafayette will see one of these bad boys any time soon: Taco Bell announced they would only be coming to 5,500 restaurants on March 27. But if you want to make a trip to Indy just for this magnificent concoction, I am completely up for carpooling.

Taco Bell’s president Brian Niccol sees promise in the direction the fast-food chain is taking and anticipates it will be a direct competitor of other chains that already serve breakfast.

“I think one thing that’s been lacking in breakfast has been innovation, and putting a little twist on the ordinary,” Niccol said. “We’re going to do what we always do: we’re going to innovate. You’re going to see breakthrough products that, frankly, nobody has seen at breakfast in the past 40 years.”

Additionally, Taco Bell’s uppity older cousin Chipotle said they, too, were working on a breakfast menu. While Chipotle’s menu may be more agreeable to the pallet, the price of a meal there will drive away hungry breakfast-goers. In this day and age, having breakfast is a luxury and most often it is spent on-the-go. In Taco Bell’s instance, you get sustenance quicker and cheaper than Chipotle.

For now, I can only wait in the Boilermaker community for the day that will change the life of college students everywhere. The day we all simultaneously become engaged to a cheap, filling Waffle Taco.

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