Ball gown and pizza delivery

The Academy Awards on Sunday may have been the most talked about rewards show that I have seen in my lifetime. Between John Travolta’s absolute butchering of Idina Menzel’s name to the greatest selfie ever taken (Now retweeted roughly 3.2 million times, the new record).

However, there is one particular moment that stood out to me, and it was the pizza delivery about three fourths of the way through the show. Presumably, this was humorous to the multi-millionaires in the crowd, but absolutely life changing for the delivery guy.

Interestingly enough, no one seems to remember Jennifer Lawrence’s affinity for pizza. Lawrence is known for being a woman’s woman: she is unapologetic for her weight, she shows her bubbly personality all the time and she is always complaining of being hungry at awards shows. The audience loves her down-to-earth personality.



I can’t help but agree, Lawrence. Awards shows must stink. You have to wear uncomfortable shoes and dresses for hours. You can’t eat or drink. You have to get all done up and stared at for hours. I could see where a good slice of pizza might be the thing to fix all the wrongness.



This moment was so pivotal in her life, her face with the quote was slapped on a T-shirt and sold in stores across America. I wish I could count how many times in my own life I have asked this same question. But indeed, where was the pizza?



Oh, we found it. Finally, the two lovers were reunited in a true Romeo & Juliet perfection kind of way. She doesn’t have to be hungry anymore. And the pizza doesn’t have to go on not being eaten. Because she’s going to take care of that problem, don’t you worry.



But alas, with only three boxes delivered, she had to share. No matter: this is the face of pure happiness.

jennifer-lawrence-bradley-cooper-pizza-242So you see: JLaw was always waiting for her true love of pizza. Most people just happen to be less of a fan than myself and didn’t make the connection. Now re-watch the scene, knowing it was a life-changing moment for her.


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