My Little Pony meets Star Trek

How are My Little Pony and Star Trek alike? Well, in more ways than you might think.

“I was actually thinking about this the other day,” said Patrick O’Connor.

As the guitarist and vocalist for two bands that sing about the shows, I thought he would have considered this earlier. Still, I was curious myself; how could these two very opposite shows, in fact, be similar?

He paused before he began his list. “They are both terrible. Like the original shows are just awful. But both (shows) teach morality. And both have really colorful main characters that represent each facet of a being so when put together, make a whole.”

When similarities are drawn it doesn’t seem quite as weird that O’Connor traveled the world singing about Star Trek and My Little Pony episodes. Quite being the key word.

Five Year Mission has been playing the Star Trek themed songs longer than his other band; O’Connor said The Shake Ups, his other band, have been together longer, but just started “the pony project” in the past year.

“It’s like paying tribute to the show, while paying attention to the humor in it,” O’Connor said.

Listen to The Shake Ups here.

The bands both have a similar indie/pop/rock feel, but both have a very different backstory.

Five Year Mission delivers everything in a full package, as the members perform a song written about a specific episode and a projector depicts the scenes from the episode the band is singing about. Each of the five members writes the music, and episodes are “drawn from a hat at random” to determine what episode the member will be writing about.


“The hardest thing is getting started,” O’Connor said. “It’s easier to start writing when you have a story line already, though.”

Some songs are written in a half hour, he said, while others could take several months. In all, the band has written songs for roughly three fourths of the original series and intends to keep going until the material has run out.

However, The Shake Ups new “pony project” will likely keep going after the first year has shown great success.

“Our drummer’s wife does the organizing for the (My Little Pony) national convention and she wanted a band to perform,” O’Connor said, and laughed. “So we thought we would write a few songs and do it for her and it turned out they were really catchy and it caught on.”


Now, O’Connor sees Trekies and Bronies in his crowds, but loves the variety and the people that are willing to appreciate the music for what it is: good songs that get stuck in your head.

The Shake Ups and Five Year Mission will be performing at 9 p.m. March 15 at Adelino’s Third World Kitchen in Lafayette. Tickets are available for $5 at the door.

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