The Anti-Diet Diet

It seems like these days, no sooner do you hear about the newest organic kelp wrap with low-fat tofu than we are learning that kelp and tofu are the spawn of all evil and should be avoided at all costs.*

*Kelp and tofu have not been found to have any negative side effects to consume.

A prime example was posted by Old School 100.3, a radio station in Cincinnati, showing 10 Healthy Foods You Should Avoid. Items like reduced-fat peanut butter and light salad dressing made the list, citing additives as the main culprit.

An article by The Atlantic showed experiments on many of the new fad diets indicating that none of them were the most beneficial for your body. Dr. David Katz works as a practicing physician and researcher at the Yale University Prevention Research Center. Katz and colleague Stephanie Meller studied the mainstream diets and concluded

No diet is clearly best, but there are common elements across eating patterns that are proven to be beneficial to health. ‘A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention.’

In fact, Katz feels very passionate about the introduction of new mainstream diets being introduced to the public.

“It’s not just linguistic, I really at times feel like crying, when I think about that we’re paying for ignorance with human lives. At times, I hate the people with alphabet soup after their names who are promising the moon and the stars with certainty. I hate knowing that the next person is already rubbing his or her hands together with the next fad to make it on the bestseller list.”

What it really boils down to is actually eating meals. And eating REAL FOOD while you do it. It isn’t a difficult concept, and nutrients largely do not need to be monitored because, according to Katz, “nutrients tend to take care of themselves.”

Here, I found 10 great breakfast recipes to try for your new “anti-diet” diet. Learn to enjoy your food, not just count the calories.

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