Puff, puff…pass?

Marijuana has been the hot topic of debate for the past several weeks, especially after the state of Colorado and Washington legalized the selling and possession of recreational weed.


I know what you are thinking: Yeah, yeah. What else is new?

Monday, New Jersey State Sen. Nicholas Scutari introduced a bill to support the legalization of sale and consumption of marijuana. Scutari equivocated reefer to alcohol. 59 percent of New Jersey’s residents say they support recreational marijuana use, according to a survey released in June. He attests the issue is not a moral one, stating that individuals can drink beer on weekends and should be allowed to smoke as well.

Excuse me, sir. Your agenda is showing.

Did it occur to anyone else that lawmakers have not been interested in supporting the legalization of marijuana until they realized the economic benefits of such a venture? In the past, the most radical liberal policy makers were those pressing for the use of LEGAL medical marijuana and were met with stern glances across the table. Now, Scutari and others are seeing the economic benefit of allowing this underground business to flourish in the common market. Scutari is predicting the passage of the bill would generate over $100 million for the state in the first year.

I would consider this to be a huge underestimation. Considering Colorado saw gains of $14 million in the first month alone. It may just be me, but I would like honesty out of our politicians as far as their so-called “hidden agendas” go. It is fair to say that you don’t personally agree with the use of marijuana. It is also fair to hold the opinion that it isn’t beneficial to have it readily available on the streets.

But don’t go so far as to pull a 180 once you see dollar signs flashing up in the distance and expect us to be fooled. If we weren’t closer to getting our green because of you, we wouldn’t feign such support.

One thought on “Puff, puff…pass?

  1. I was reading somewhere about how while revenues are coming in from marijuana taxation at a huge rate, alcohol sales have dropped as some people are smoking weed as a substitute. It questioned whether or not the loss of alcohol taxation revenues would actually result in the state losing money in the long run. Unfortunately I don’t have the link and the article seemed to be simply speculating, but it’s an interesting thought.

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