Your grandfather is in a cool new club…a technology club

Ours is the generation of the internet, or so they are always proclaiming to young 20-somethings.

What once was sufficient is no longer: now, everything that can be connected to the internet is, if not to make our lives easier than because it’s really cool and we can. 


The next generation will be familiar with what some economy experts are calling a technology that will, “fundamentally alter our economic life.” And that thing is actually things, plural.

It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT) and anything from your grandfather with the artificial pacemaker to your alarm clock is included. Nearly anything can be assigned an IP address and automatically join the ranks of other objects in the IoT. So why is IoT going to change everything for the generations to come?

Well, according to this article that appeared in The Huffington Post, “Prosumers are plugging into the fledgling IoT and making and sharing their own information, entertainment, green energy, and 3D-printed products at near zero marginal cost.” With objects automatically sending data back to internet sources, hours upon hours of human labor is freed up. In this way, one manmade machine is controlling another helping us to interpret the data and act accordingly. Many believe this could save millions of dollars a year.



Suddenly, companies that didn’t deal with technologies now have to think about this expansive and varied field. Nike built a chip to fit into the shoe that delivers information to a watch for active runners. Google created a thermostat that learns your habits and shuts off when you aren’t there or lowers the heat at night to save you money. And who can say for sure what is next?

Expect to see more debate regarding network neutrality, morality and innovation that will probably make us all react as Dr. Frankenstein did upon seeing his invention working for the first time. Above all, expect to be amazed.

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