Buzzfeed is life

Trying to study, I’m drawn in by the red banner and the commanding way it says, “What Kind Of Person Are You Actually?”

It turns into this existential crisis. Who am I? Why are we here? What shoe style best describes me?

At what point did we completely lose our sense of identity to the point where we had to turn to Buzzfeed to tell us who we are as a individuals?

Here are some prime examples:

These quizzes range in usefulness from reflections of your personality to what painting by George Bush you might be. In what world would we need to know this? And why are we so addicted to these quizzes? This article sheds some light on the sudden fandom. Here, they say,

There are two quizzes generally credited with igniting the recent trend. BuzzFeed’s “What city should you actually live in?” on Jan. 16 and has accrued more than 20 million views, with around 75% generated from social networks.

The other is “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk” from the New York Times, which became 2013’s most popular story on despite being posted on December 21.

How can these quizzes be beating hard news? It all has to do with sharing. So this week, I found my favorite Buzzfeed quiz and decided to share my process and my review of how well they pegged me.

The quiz I took was: What Actress Would Play You In The Movie Version Of Your Life?

Question 1: Which emoji would I pick? What emoji really describes me as a person? Are we talking about the emoji that I would use most often? Because that would definitely be the eggplant. But that doesn’t seem to be a choice so…kissy face it is.

Question 2: Pick an instrument. Well I played piano for a year and didn’t absolutely hate the experience. Let’s go with that.

Question 3: What do I want on my sandwich? I didn’t even have to get past the first option “cheese, cheese, cheese”

Question 4: Select an adjective. There is a picture of Beyonce in the background. Can Beyonce be adjective? Fine. I guess I’ll be passionate.

Question 5: You are opening a nightclub. What will you name it? I don’t really want to open a  nightclub. That sounds awful. Heat I guess.

Question 6: Pick an American city to live in. I’ve never been to Boston before or really have any idea what it’s like but I am really feeling this answer right now.

Question 7: Pick a March Madness team. No. I refuse. Oh, good. There’s an option for not caring. Perfect. We are getting back on track now.

Question 8: Pick your favorite sea creature. Do penguins really count? It seems like cheating.

Question 9: Pick a restaurant chain. All of these options make me want to barf but the healthy option doesn’t really reflect my eating patterns either. I ate Wendy’s this week. Let’s just pretend I am an aficionado.

As it turns out, Penelope Cruz would be the most likely person to represent me in the story of my life.

1897830_10203285922294110_2124958321_n16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red CarpetAccording to the description, I need a strong woman to portray my character. It’s flattering and makes me feel good, but I’m not sure I would agree whole-heartedly on the answer. I need better options with Buzzfeed. It is like college. There may be something that I am interested in taking, but a class doesn’t exist and I have to settle. Because of this, answers are often flawed and too much stock is put into false representations.

In short: Buzzfeed is for fun, not to be taken so seriously.


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